Hello world!

31 10 2009

Welcome to

The Ava ‘N Zak Shop Blog.

Finally our community has come together.

If you are here you are a parent, or grandparent or are the care giver of an amazing little life.

With such an honor comes a huge responsibility, stress, happiness, worries, headaches…and let’s face it, it is the most challenging, important and relevant task we will ever do.

Therefore we are excited that our handmade e-shop of one of a kind everything for our little ones, has spun this blog and this community..

Knitted sweaters, Crochet hats or Couture dresses for the little princess, you’ll find them all at our e-store, and here all the avanzaks, us the ones in the trenches with our children, come together.

Ava and Zak are real wonderful, caring, vivacious and loving children who are citizens of the world. So, creating an e-shop with them as muses, it was only fitting to also give a little.

Hence, this blog.

Use it to unload your worries, feelings and frustrations as parents.

Let’s share as a community what works and what doesn’t.

… how to deal with sitters.
…how to deal with the terrrible 3 ?!
wasn’t it the terrible 2s ?!
…what are your worries and fears as a parent, as a wife, as a woman
… is that poop for real … oops potty training time –¬†how was that again ?
…etc, etc, etc…

As well, every time you shop the site, 1% of the net proceeds will go to support the grassroot efforts to help the AIDS desumated community of children of Soweto in South Africa.

To learn more about this cause visit www.knit-a-square.com

If you are just visiting this blog to talk about all the issues that affect our children and us as parents, consider contributing to the charity on this page before you leave.

Every dollar helps! no contribution is too small … WE CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE … a lesson our children teach us everyday.

Honor our children by helping those who don’t have anyone to honor them and while you do that …

… blog your worries away!!

Enjoy this site and USE IT. It is full of relevant reference information that you need to know.

Remember to visit the site and check out new items or order a custom handmade one!

Thank you for being one of us and welcome to our world


…Blog your little heart out!